Become a Media98 Postman/Postwoman?

The role is like a traditional postman/postwoman only you will work on a casual contract basis as and when required delivering leaflets through each and every door within the area being targeted. 

Flexible hours, do around 6-7 hours work when you like spread over 5 days if required!

Is this work for you?

Flexible hours, ideal for retired, semi-retired people, stay at home parent. 
You will work on average 6-7 hours delivering to 1,000 properties over 5 days if required. However, if you prefer to get the job done and take another round you can finish 1,000 within 6-7 hours.

GPS Tracking

All our postpeople carry a GPS tracking device whilst working. This accurately tracks each delivery right to the letterbox! So we can guarantee the deliveries for our customers. In addition to this, we have a large network of residents who carry out checks for us.

What we are after

Honest reliable individuals who are conscientious.

Leaflet distribution Job application