What is door drop marketing?

Quite simply, a door drop is your marketing material, delivered through the letterbox and into consumers’ homes.

It is a targeted and cost effective way of communicating a marketing message using professionally designed leaflets, flyers, brochures, menus etc. without the need to use personal data.

Using this method gets your message or promotion directly into the hands and homes and your next potential customer.

We highly recommend using door drops as part of an overall strategy, combined with other methods; a door drop provides great results.

Door drops are fully GDPR compliant; they do not use personal data


Door drops are an almost unique channel; they give you an opportunity to get your message into the recipient’s hands and in their own home, an ideal scenario in the attempt to gain trust and ultimately new business.

80% of the UK’s top advertisers include door drops as part of their overall marketing activities and strategies.

A campaign with us will help you to get your message through, we can specifically target on locations and demographics, tailored to your target audience.


10,000 A5 leaflets on 130gsm, full colour both sides £120

10,000 A5 leaflets on 170gsm, full colour both sides £145

10,000 A5 leaflets on 250gsm, full colour both sides £185

High impact, high interaction

65% of door drops are looked at as soon as they land on the mat and 75% are engaged with in total. It’s a popular format among high mobile users and fans of digital brands like Netflix and Instagram, who engage with door drops around 3 times on average.

They are the easy, cost-effective and trusted way to get your leaflets, flyers or brochures distributed without using personal data. And with our free targeting and planning service, we’ll help you find the right people and post codes to reach.

Get up to 10% off distribution for your first 3 distributions to help you reach the right people with our introductory discount.

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