Great support as standard is a must… and it’s what we do!

Now you have your website which reflects you and your business at its best, it’s now time to build on its success, adding new content, testing, keeping updated and secure, researching and adding new keywords to improve your web presence and Google ranking. If you’re not already doing this, maybe it’s time to think about it!

Our support services give our clients absolute peace of mind that we’re on hand to help them realise new ideas, try new things and ultimately grow and improve upon their exposure and success online.

We encourage our clients to grow the content of their websites so that, over time, the website becomes more and more effective in achieving the goals of the business.

What do we mean by support?

Support could cover anything from adding a blog post provided by the client, creating a new page to house some new content provided by the client, changing a phone number, embedding a video, running security updates, installing a new plugin, altering content to target new key search phrases. In fact, there’s loads of stuff that we do for our clients under our standard support terms, and we very rarely raise an additional invoice for work undertaken.

Just as importantly as all of this, we provide an easy consultation service in which we give our clients all the advice and knowledge they need to push their business on in all areas, not just necessarily online. We have plenty of business experience and can offer great advice in more areas than you might think.

We pride ourselves on extremely fast response times.

You can be sure that your request will be taken care of in a timely manner following your communication with us. The work you’ve asked for will be done in less than 24 hours after you’ve asked us to do (barring holidays etc).

We’ve built our whole business and reputation on great support, we’ve made great friends, excellent clients as a result of our fast, friendly and common sense support services.

Nothing is too much to ask for!